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We’re very excited to announce that Europeana is working together with DailyArt to bring a selection of the collections found in Europeana to your smartphones and tablets. DailyArt is a free app that publishes one different piece of art every day. But that’s not all – with each update users of DailyArt receive additional information about the artwork; usually a description, where it was created and information about the artist.

To kick off 2015 DailyArt will be regularly featuring collections in their app found via Europeana. The first theme will centre on Vintage Fashion, using images from the Europeana Fashion and Rijksmuseum collections in Europeana. To get these daily updates direct to your phone or tablet, we invite you to install the DailyArt app, which is available for both iOS and Android devices.

The DailyArt app was conceived by Zuzanna Stanska from Poland, a young entrepreneur and well-known figure in the field of museum innovations. To celebrate the start of the cooperation, we asked Zuzanna to share with us some background information about DailyArt and the future plans she has for the app.

– What is the DailyArt app? Who should install it?

Zuzanna: “DailyArt is a free iOS and Android app that everyday publishes one piece of fine art with a short story about it. The story is not a boring, encyclopaedia-like description but it is always something interesting about the painting itself, the painter, some artistic movement or general broader art or cultural context. DailyArt exists for more than two years now and became quite popular worldwide, especially in USA. It’s a great app for everyone who love art or would like to know more about it and share this knowledge with their friends or family.”

– Why did you decide to create the app?

Zuzanna: “I’m art historian but only because I was lucky enough to have art history classes in high school. There is no art history education in Polish schools and it is such a shame. Someday I realized that maybe you can live without art, but what kind of life is it? With DailyArt I wanted to fill this gap of lack of art history education and give people small dose of art every day – enough to learn something and not too much to overwhelm or exhaust.”

– How many people have installed DailyArt, and how many people are actively using it?

Zuzanna: “Right now we have more than 180.000 downloads and around ⅓ of this number uses the app every day.”

– What are your future plans for the app?

Zuzanna: “We want to establish more institutional partnerships worldwide (until now we were working with Danish and Polish institutions, e.g with Polish Ministry of Culture showing art looted during II World War). Also we plan to update the apps and give the users some additional features that will make using the app even more plausible. These will be small things but very useful :)”

Download DailyArt from the App Store for iOS and Google Play for Android. Watch out for the updates using collections found via Europeana and if you would like to see DailyArt feature more from Europeana, let us know!

5 thoughts on “Daily Dose of Art Direct to Your Phone & Tablet

  1. The DailyArt app was conceived by Zuzanna Stanska is really good for us.We receive a peace of Art in breakfast.Good luck for this App.

  2. Why is daily art not available for window phones.
    Will it become available for window phones /when ?
    H. van Son

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