It’s your world, explore it! Europeana stories now in Google’s Field Trip app

What did you discover today? Europeana can now help you find out about cool and unique places in Poland, Estonia and Sweden through Google’s Field Trip app.

Google Field Trip

Google’s Field Trip (GFT) is a mobile app developed by Google’s Niantic Labs for iPhone, Android mobile devices and Google Glass. The app recognises your location and lets you explore and discover more about your surroundings, from telling you about local history to giving tips on the best places to shop, eat and have fun. It has registered over 1 million downloads so far and is available in more than 30 languages.

Europeana, Google’s Niantic Labs and selected cultural institutions started a partnership to show European cultural treasures on the Field Trip app and enrich your travel experiences. In this opening phase, our partners – the Swedish National Heritage Board, the National Heritage Board of Estonia and the National Heritage Board of Poland – will guide you to beautiful and prominent historical buildings, monuments and archaeological sites in their respective countries.

If you select the history feed during the app installation, a card with more information will pop up when you pass a place of historical value in Poland, Sweden or Estonia. Similarly, the Field Trip app can recognise when you are driving and will automatically “talk” about the attractions around you, making every journey a voyage of discovery. For the best experience possible, you can choose the frequency of the app notifications and share your favourite findings with your friends via e-mail and social networks.

Get a taster for the cultural treasures on the app:

Screenshots from the Field Trip app, showing Europeana content

You can download Google’s Field Trip app on Google Play Store and iTunes or even get it for Glass. Enjoy your field trip with Europeana during your visits to Poland, Estonia and Sweden. And stay tuned for more!

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