Have a piece of cake!

Together with Europeana Food and Drink we are happy to present our newest, and probably tastiest, virtual exhibition: Cake? Cake!


We’ll take you on a journey through the history of cake in Europe and explore the different stories and customs connected to it. Curated by Centre for Agrarian History and Royal Museums of Art and History, the exhibition features stories and photographs from around the world. Take a moment to learn what is a “croquembouche”, find out which sweet treat appears on Polish tables on the Easter Sunday and what did Romans hide in their pastries to celebrate the New Year.


The virtual exhibition is part of a series of products developed by Europeana Food and Drink. It was created together with its sister exhibition, which will travel all over Flanders.

If you are in Belgium, don’t miss the opportunity to see it live! Until November 30 the exhibition is displayed in Bakkerijmuseum in Veurne. You can check all the places and dates of the tour here.

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