Warm up with some winter sports

It’s winter again – it’s cold outside, and the skies have turned dark and gray. Most mornings, you won’t even want to leave your cosy bed.

That all changes, however, when you’re heading out to enjoy some winter sports. Here, we look at some old photographs of people ice skating, skiing and sledding – we hope they’ll inspire you to put on your cosiest coat and brave the cold! 


Winter sports in the Alps, 1901/1951. National Library of France, Public Domain


Winter sports in St. Moritz, M. Witte, professional, 1901/1933. National Library of France, Public Domain


Winter sports in Innsbruck, the Swedish Erikson jumping, 1934/1966. National Library of France, Public Domain


Winter sports: ski jumping group, 1901/1951. National Library of France, Public Domain


Winter sports in St. Moritz: Miss Ethel Muckelt, English champion. 1901/1933. National Library of France, Public Domain

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