Month: March 2016

Seeing is believing: the trick of the trompe l’oeil in art

Battle of Livorno, 14 March 1653, an incident from the First Anglo-Dutch War, anonymous. Rijksmuseum, public domain. At first, the painting above looks like many you’ve seen before. A grand, naval scene with clouds billowing above inflated sails. But hang on. What’s that in the bottom corner? A crumpled note of some kind. A little […]

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Pan: a wayward god in animal form

Meet Pan – god of the forest and fields and patron of shepherds. If you’re startled by his ugly fur-coated appearance, with horns sprouting from his head and goat-like legs, you’re not alone – these always send those who dare disturb him into a panic. Despite his off-putting appearance, Pan is also known as the eternally lustful god, […]

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How are vinyl records made?

In the French cult film “Amélie” the young heroine imagines how a record is created: like making a crepe, you pour a liquid substance onto a hot, circular surface and smooth out the “batter” of the record with a wooden stick. Finally you apply the paper label firmly in the middle. And the record is […]

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