Maggy’s picks: new content in Europeana

In Europeana, you can find over 53 million of artworks, artefacts, books, videos and sounds from across Europe. And we add new datasets on an ongoing basis. In this new series, we’ll present highlights of the new datasets ingested in the last months, chosen by our Content & Exhibitions Coordinator Maggy Szynkielewska. Whether you are searching for inspiration, feel like browsing through some unique records, or you just want to see what’s new, take a look and enjoy the richness and diversity of European cultural heritage!

– Almost 100 objects (drawings, paintings, photographs) from Telegraph Museum in UK. Rights Reserved

– Over 800 photographs from the Design Museum of Barcelona. CC BY-NC.


Wabi | Mora, Josep and Camper,  Museu Del Disseny De Barcelona, CC BY-NC

– Over 3 000 photographs, XIX and XX century, mostly buildings from Culture Centre in Helsingborg

Photo_helsingborgPostcard photograph depicting the stairs up to Öresundsparken in Helsingborg, around the year 1900, Kulturmagasinet, Helsingborgs Museer, public domain

– Almost 1000 illustrations from books and magazines provided by the Museum of Lithography in Sweden. CC BY-SAlitografiskaTom Thumb with brothers, Litografiska Museet, CC BY-SA

– Collection of 620 botanical drawings by Georg Schweinfurth from Botanic Garden and Botanical Museum Berlin-Dahlem. CC BY-SA FicusFicus sycomorus, Botanic Garden and Botanical Museum Berlin-Dahlem, CC BY-SA

– Over 800 seals and stamps (emblems) from Lithuanian Art Museums. CC BY

StampLietuvos mažasis antspaudas Stanislovo Augusto valdymo laikų,  Lietuvos Dailės Muziejus / Lithuanian Art Museum, CC BY-

– Over 300 000 photographs of protected buildings from the Danish Agency for Culture. CC0.

buildingFraugdegårds Allé, Odense SØ,  The Danish Agency For Culture, CC0

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