GIF IT UP 2016

After successful runs in 2014 and 2015, GIF IT UP returns for its third year, and Europeana joins in again with our best open collections – see below! GIF IT UP is a challenge looking for the best GIFs created from public domain and openly licensed material available in digital libraries around the world. The competition organised by DPLA aims to encourage all GIF-makers and cultural heritage enthusiasts to reuse and mix open content.

Tobias Rothe, 2015 Grand Prize Winner

Tobias Rothe, 2015 Grand Prize Winner

How it works

To enter GIF IT UP, you need to make a GIF with material found in one of four places: Europeana, DPLADigitalNZ or Trove, or a combination GIF with material from several of these sources. Your source material must be clearly marked as: in the public domain, have a ‘no known copyright restrictions’ statement or have a Creative Commons license which allows for reuse. You have time until October 31 to enter up to 3 GIFs, using still images or video.

Ready to submit your GIF? Use the submission form.

Before you start making your GIF, be sure to read the rules and guidelines.

Judges and Prizes

GIF IT UP 2016 will be judged by Sarah Schaaf from Imgur and Adam Green from The Public Domain Review, who will be awarding one grand prize winner with a Giphoscope, as well as three runners up and people’s choice award, who will each receive Amazon gift certificates.

To win a special Europeana-sponsored prize (€50 Amazon voucher+Europeana goodie bag) create a GIF with one of reusable images from Europeana280 – set of artworks chosen by 28 EU countries plus Norway. More about all the prizes here.

All entries that meet the criteria outlined below in ‘Rules and Guidelines’ will be showcased on the GIF IT UP Tumblr Gallery.

By Juan Ibanez in Sevilla, Spain. GIF IT UP 2015


Mixed rights statements
Europeana280 (European artworks available for reuse)

Public Domain
Historical fashion drawings and prints, sewing and embroidery patterns
Manuscript illustrations from codices on swordsmanship and natural history
Japanese woodblock prints

Illuminated manuscripts from the British Library

Fashion illustration from 19th century Swedish journal
Swedish Military history in black and white photographs
Vintage French Posters
Old Maps from National Library of Technology, Czech Republic
Historical carriages
Sketches and drawings of Henri Toulouse-Lautrec
Swedish Air Force Museum collection
XIX and XX century photographs from Culture Centre in Helsingborg
Bookplates from National Library of Romania
Vintage ethnographic photographs from Lithuania
Photographs illustrating WWI at the eastern and south eastern front

Sketches from National Library of Wales
Vintage circus posters, photographs, and postcards
Botanical drawings by Georg Schweinfurth
Illustrations from Swedish Museum of Lithography
Photographs of London pubs from the early 20th century up to the late 1960’s
Textiles from the National Museum, Sweden

Photographic studies of motion by Eadweard Muybridge
Swedish Air Force Museum collection
Seals and stamps (emblems) from Lithuanian Art Museums
Black-and-white pictures from the collection of Malmö Museer

Vintage Czech objects (clocks, cutlery, vases, posters and books)
Old maps from Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam Library
Collection of artworks from Statens Museum for Kunst

To see more collections available for re-use head to DPLA page.

Get inspiration from last year participants and let’s start creating!

By Juan Ibanez in Sevilla, Spain. GIF IT UP 2015

By Yali Herbet from Netanya, Israel. GIF IT UP 2015

By Maarten Brinkerink from Rotterdam, Netherlands. GIF IT UP 2015

By Harley Morrison from Philippi, West Virginia. GIF IT UP 2015


By Richard Naples from Washington DC. GIF IT UP 2015


By Devin Pascoe from Atlanta, Georgia (USA). GIF IT UP 2015


By Falcao Lucas from Ericeira, Portugal. GIF IT UP 2015


By Liz Dewar from London, England. GIF IT UP 2015


By Nina Turcanova from Bratislava, Slovakia. GIF IT UP 2015


By A.L. Crego from A Coruña, Spain. GIF IT UP 2015

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