Day: 17 November 2016

So GIF-ted! Meet the winners of #GIFitUP 2016

Dear GIF-makers and GIF-lovers! Time to reveal the Winners of GIF IT UP 2016! For this year’s competition, the grand prize and runners up were determined by judges Adam Green of The Public Domain Review and Sarah Schaaf of Imgur. The People’s Choice Award was determined by most notes on Tumblr as of November 14, 2016. […]

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Viva Verdi! The composer beyond the music

Verdi as a composer, Verdi and the Italian Risorgimento, Verdi as a farmer, Verdi in the movies, Verdi as national icon… How many performers can boast such a wide impact on fields other than the music? His portrait is everywhere: paintings, caricatures, postcards, stamps, dishes, cups, banknotes, …

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