Picking your brain: become Europeana Improver

If you walked into a cafe and had no control over what you could order, would you go back there? What if you turned on your tv but could only watch what someone else decided you could watch? How would you like it if you couldn’t customise your phone at all – you could only use the the apps and functions your carrier thought were acceptable?
Not a fan? We didn’t think so!

testusers4_blogThis work is a derivative of “Anatomy of the brain; lobes and cerebellum” by Bernard Hollander, used under CC BY. This derivative work is licensed under Europeana, CC BY.

Dear Europeana Users,

I know, I know; this is probably not the most common blog post you have read from Europeana. I am pretty sure that you are just a lovely cultural-heritage enthusiast sitting behind your desk hoping to learn something about fashion, history, art or music and the last thing you’d expected today was to be addressed as “dear Europeana user”. Well, the reason for this is that it might be good for a change to realize that there are in fact people behind this website (or “portal” as we like to call it) who make it possible for you to view all these amazing collections and items in our database.

My team and I are constantly working to improve your experience. Our day-job is to optimize your service by constantly coming up with new things, features and products to help you get the most out of everything you can find in our portal. We are the product team and we all have a full-time job doing this!

If the feedback-box, the beta-flags and the roadmap button haven’t tipped you off; we are trying to make you as a user a bigger part of day-job as much as we can. So this is our open letter to you, dear Europeana Users. We are creating Europeana for you, and you should be able to get whatever it is you need from our service.

If our organization sounds like something that you too would take pleasure in being a part of – whether by participating actively or cheering us on from the sidelines – please help us become better by becoming a Europeana Improver. This means that we can contact you for testing, keep you in the loop of new features, and ask your opinion and feedback about our services. Of course, this won’t happen on a daily base, and we won’t spam you with requests and information either.

Honestly, your registration and active participation means a lot to us and think about how you can help develop better Europeana explorations, not just for yourself, but for the wider Europeana community!

It only takes a few seconds. Talk to us. Improve us. Sign up here. 

Yours sincerely,

Michelle van Duijn
Product Development Associate @ Europeana

6 thoughts on “Picking your brain: become Europeana Improver

  1. Hi Michelle,

    this is a nice initiative! Indeed, there are in fact “people behind this website” (or portal). Maybe you will be able to ‘seduce’ some more Europeana Improvers if you could introduce yourself and your team on the blog – or maybe also on Social Media. People will probably feel invited even more if they know whom they will be talking too. It would make the ‘improving experience’ even more personal.

    I’m lucky to have met some girls and guys of your team in person and would be happy for the visitors of this blog having something like that too – even online. Could be quite personal too. 🙂

    Good luck, have nice days,


    1. Hello Peter,

      Such nice suggestions! I will discuss this with the team!
      Next week everyone who subscribed will receive an email with more proper introductions.

      Again; thank you so much for subscribing and helping us out with this.
      It is highly appreciated!


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