Maggy’s picks: Serbian postcards, Macedonian contemporary art and Dutch polder maps

New year means new additions to! In this blog series, we hand pick some intriguing cultural heritage materials for you. This time we focus on libraries’ collections from the Balkan area. Dive in!

First, National Library of Serbia brings you a great collection of materials that can be used non-commercially, under the Creative Commons License Attribution-NonCommercial (CC BY-NC). You can find there:

Belgrade: Sunset on the Sava. National Library of Serbia. CC BY-NC 

Ljubica Stojanovic, Koste Stojanovića wife with her mother.
Photographed by Milan Jovanović. National Library of Serbia. CC BY-NC 

The head of the Nis hospital medic by Ljubomir Ivanović.
National Library of Serbia. CC BY-NC

Mara has black eyes/The Enchanted Eyes of Mara.
National Library of Serbia. CC BY-NC


More of materials avialable for non-commercial reuse (under CC BY-NC-ND license) come from the Republic of Macedonia. National and University Library St. Kliment Ohridski displays through a collection of almost 200 contemporary artworks from 60’s up to early 90’s.

Finally, we have for you another great map collection! This time from Nationaal Archief in the Hague with vintage Dutch wallmaps and maps of polders. There are over 10,000 maps there and all are in public domain, so pick one and be creative!

 Map of Vijfheerenlanden and neighboring countries. Nationaal Archief, Den Haag. Public Domain 

by Maggy Szynkielewska, Content and Exhibition Coordinator at Europeana

4 thoughts on “Maggy’s picks: Serbian postcards, Macedonian contemporary art and Dutch polder maps

  1. Macedonia is a geographical area shared between Greece, FYROM and Bulgaria. So when you are referring to FYROM please use the internationally accepted name and be sensitive to concerns of European citizens that fund Europeana through their taxes.


    1. Hi Minos,

      My apologies for using an inappropriate term! I adjusted the text to make it clear that I am speaking about the Republic of Macedonia. Thanks for notifying us and I hope you enjoy the blog nonetheless.

      Kind regards

  2. Please be respectful of international laws and treaties. Officially, there is no such country as “Republic of Macedonia”. They have the right to call themselves and their country whatever they want inside their borders, but its official international name is F.Y.R.O.M.

    Ancient kingdom of Macedonia,which current FYROM was part of during a period in history, had its capital and main lands inside Macedonia region of current Greece. And despite that historical fact, some people in FYROM claim that their country, with which we want to have good relations as neighbors, must claim the Greek Macedonian region as theirs! So, do not give those people right in their claims and please be respectful of international laws and treaties.

    Thank you.

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