#ColorOurCollections with an Art Nouveau colouring book

Following last year’s inspiring Europeana Colouring Book for Grown-ups, we’re taking part in #ColorOurCollections again this year.

#ColorOurCollections is a week-long colouring fest on social media organized by libraries, archives, and other cultural institutions around the world. Using materials from their collections, these institutions are sharing free coloring content with the hashtag #ColorOurCollections and inviting their followers to color and get creative with their collections.

This year, we’ve turned to Art Nouveau for inspiration with 8 colourless paintings and posters waiting for your creative skills.

line drawing of woman with flowing hair on bike

Cycles Perfecta, Alfons Mucha, www.Esbirky.Cz, CC0

Our Art Nouveau colouring book is part of our upcoming Art Nouveau season on Europeana Art, which, over the next three months, will explore the brilliance and diversity of this popular style.

Boekband Metamorphose, Jan Toorop, Rijksmuseum, Public Domain

Download the Europeana Art Nouveau Colouring Book and share your creations with us on Twitter using the #ColorOurCollections hashtag.

Europeana Art Nouveau Colouring Book


4 thoughts on “#ColorOurCollections with an Art Nouveau colouring book

  1. Hmm somebody in the Netherlands donating money on this project? How does a minor player like Toorop get the cover PLUS the same number of billings as the star of the show, Alfons Mucha, while other players get totally ignored, e.g. HPL, Toulouse-Lautrec, Berthon, Beardsley, CR Mackintosh, Tiffany, Lalique, Cheret, Grasset, Steinlen, Orazi, Kolo Moser, OK think I made my point….

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