Art Up Your Tab: heritage in your browser

a cat playing on a desk

Art Up Your Tab with curated artworks from the inspiring collection of Europeana!

Most people will see just a blank screen when they open a new tab or window in their browser. This could be much more interesting! That’s why Kennisland, Studio Parkers and Sara Kolster have developed a plug-in for the Chrome browser that shows you enticing, inspiring paintings or photographs from the rich collection of Europeana in new tabs.

cat sitting on a desk surrounded by various objects

The cat at play, Henriette Ronner, Rijksmuseum, Public Domain

The Chrome browser extension Art Up Your Tab brings you full-screen artworks from a frequently refreshed pool of carefully selected images that will pause your busy life for a brief moment and spark your imagination.

The first version of Art Up Your Tab focuses on Dutch heritage institutions in Europeana Collections.

Exploring more

All images are presented in full screen, along with information about the background and context of the work, the authors, the institution and the terms of use. You can even download the image directly in high resolution for reuse or share it with others. You can also click through to the page about this specific work on Europeana Collections.

Viewing heritage made easy

Art Up Your Tab is designed to inspire, surprise, inform and get internet users acquainted with European heritage in the familiar surroundings of their browser – without additional time or effort. This way, cultural heritage is integrated in everyday activities and digital heritage collections are even more visible.

Before you know it, you’ll be browsing beautiful images from Europeana for half an hour while you just wanted to open a new tab!

Install Art Up Your Tab Chrome extension

Art Up Your Tab is made possible with support from the Network Digital Heritage.

11 thoughts on “Art Up Your Tab: heritage in your browser

  1. Your extension really looks fine to me, but sadly it doesn’t work in less user snooping chrome derivates like Vivaldi. Do you think you could get it to work there (and maybe in Firefox)?

    1. Hi CH, thanks for your comment. We’ll pass this on to the extension’s makers to consider for future development.

  2. I love the extension so far, great idea. I would love one feature though: Opening a tab and going to one of my common websites is only a couple of keystrokes with autocomplete, and I often have loaded the website before registering the image shown by the extension. But using the back button of the browser will usually lead another image, it would be great if the extension could save the last image shown and display that when using the back-button.

    1. Hi Ian, Art Up Your Tab is coming to Firefox soon. We expect to release the Firefox product in early July. Thanks for getting in touch. Hope you’re enjoying the Chrome version in the meantime.

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