Month: October 2017

Making pancake batter

Small-screen smiles for World Day for Audiovisual Heritage

It’s UNESCO’s World Day for Audiovisual Heritage today, a day to highlight the importance of preserving both sound and video heritage material. So, here are three picks from our biggest audiovisual partner, the Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision, that exemplify just that, and what’s more, will hopefully bring a smile to your face. Camping at […]

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How to make a GIF from a series of photos

You have one more week left to participate in GIF IT UP. If you think it’s not enough time, read on and see how quickly you can create a GIF using a series of photos. via GIPHY Start with choosing content, there are a lot of photos representing different phases of movement available on Europeana. […]

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Playing with colours – make your first GIF IT UP entry

Today we’ll learn how to make an animated GIF by playing with colours. The best material for this kind of GIF will include things that blink or go on-off  such as lights, neon letters. via GIPHY You could also use images of flowers, geometric shapes, or take a monochromatic image and let only a small […]

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Black Cats Howling at Naked Witches

It’s unlucky Friday the 13th – everybody, stay at home!

It happens about twice a year, and when it does, you’d better lock yourself in the house and wait until dawn. Or anything could happen to you. Better safe than sorry.   To help, you could consult this 19th century astrology chart designed to help you work out lucky and unlucky periods. It looks pretty […]

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Getting creative with stickers & effects – make your first GIF

Last week we showed how to make a GIF from a vintage video. Today, we will show you how to boost artworks with effects and stickers available on GIPHY. Go to GIPHY’s GIF maker and upload a static image or a GIF (you can learn how to make one in this tutorial). Once you’ve done […]

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The Harry Orvomaa collection of Jewish recordings

Each month, Europeana Music invites a guest curator to talk about a musical subject and highlight some of the material on Europeana Music. For the month of October, Pekka Gronow presents the Harry Orvomaa collection of Jewish recordings. Now retired, Pekka was one of the founders of the Finnish Institute for Recorded Sound and adjunct […]

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Make a GIF from a vintage video

Always wanted to make an animated GIF, but didn’t know how? We have something for you! In the coming weeks, we will be showing some easy GIF-making techniques to help you create your GIF IT UP entry. You will be eligible for a special prize for first-time GIF-makers. In this category, the jury will focus […]

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