2017: Top 20 searches on Europeana

With 2017 coming to a close, it’s time to look at what you’ve been searching for this year on Europeana Collections.

Since January, there have been millions of searches in Europeana Collections from all over the world. With more than 50 million artworks, objects, books, sounds and videos, from more than 3,500 European cultural institutions, there’s a lot to be found.

So this year, what were you all looking for? Here, we’ve compiled your top 20 searches from 2017.

1 – Paris

Perenially popular Paris, a beautiful city of arts and culture, has featured in our top 20 for the past five years.

Map from “Dictionnaire historique et topographique de Paris”, The British Library, Public Domain Marked

2 – Funny

In 2017, it seems many people were looking for something to make them laugh or smile

My Big Book of Funny Bunnies, Jean Tourane, Museon, CC BY

3 – Japan

Japan has inspired and fascinated travelers and artists alike for centuries

Honshu Island, Volcanoes of North America, The British Library, Public Domain

4 – Hungary
5 – Budapest
6 – Marc Chagall
7 – Greece
8 – Picasso
9 – Vincent Van Gogh
10 – Portrait
11 – Genazzano
12 – Romania
13 – Mona Lisa
14 – dog
15 – Portugal
16 – Granada
17 – Rembrandt van Rijn
18 – Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
19 – Map / maps
20 – Monet

5 thoughts on “2017: Top 20 searches on Europeana

  1. Fascinating images! Thanks and I want to know if it’s possible to download the image “Volcanoes of North America”?

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