Colouring Europe at Work: download our industrial heritage colouring book

painting of a child learning how to use machinery - fades from grey on the left to colourful on the right

Over the last few months, for our Europe at Work season, we published lots of blogs and galleries exploring various aspects of industrial heritage. Now we’d like you to get involved and bring some colour to industrial heritage images!

Download our Europe at Work industrial heritage colour book

Our new colouring book features openly licensed cultural heritage material from eight museums, galleries and libraries across Europe. Paintings, illustrations and posters depict different industries and give a glimpse of the working lives in the times since the Industrial Revolution.

So get your colouring pencils ready and, while colouring, learn how much the world of work has changed.

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We’d love to see your colourful creations. Share your coloured images using hashtags #EuropeAtWork and #ColorOurCollections.

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By Aleksandra Strzelichowska, Europeana Foundation

Feature image: Un Patron or The lesson of the Apprentice, Eugène Buland, Nationalmuseum, Sweden, Public domain

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