Transform audiovisual cultural heritage and enter the 2020 Mashup Film Festival

collage image with Napoleon and Brigitte Bardot riding a horse

The Mashup Film Festival is about combining and transforming audiovisual material available online to create new mashup films. The organizers see it as a way to democratise the creative process and blur the border between the creator and the spectator.

The festival includes a call for films open to both professional and amateur filmmakers. This year’s theme is commitment. The participants are invited to use openly licensed videos available on Europeana.

To get you inspired, we’ve made a small selection of the public domain films from the beginnings of the 20th century from the collections of Filmoteca de Catalunya in Barcelona and Museo Nazionale del Cinema in Turin.

You can also browse through all openly licensed audiovisual material from across Europe accessible through our collections

And if you are wondering what a mashup film looks like, here’s an example: the winning entry from the 2018 edition of the festival – the Digital Girl Dream Opera by Aurelio Cárdenas, who used archival newsreels from the Netherlands Institute of Sound and Vision.

Digital Girl Dream Opera (Aurelio Cárdenas) / Prix Mashup Film Festival 2018 from Aurelio Cardenas on Vimeo.

The submission deadline is March 1, 2020. Visit the website of the Mashup Film Festival to learn more.

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