Eero Järnefelt, painter of Finnish nature

landscape painting showing a tree on a mountain in front of a lake

Nature and the natural world has inspired many artists across Europe, with flora, fauna, landscapes and weather frequently depicted in artworks.

Finnish painter Eero Järnefelt was one such artist inspired by nature. Over his artistic career of more than 60 years, his many paintings depict details of nature and weather in particular in Finland. This blog looks at some of Järnefelt’s paintings of nature.

Erik (Eero) Nikolai Järnefelt was born in 1863, and later studied in Helsinki and Paris. He taught art at the University of Helsinki and was chairman of the Finnish Academy of Fine Arts.

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While, since the 1890s, Järnefelt was known as one of Finland’s most notable portrait painters, he also painted smaller nature-themed pieces and landscapes, many of which became symbols of Finland’s nationalist politics.

He regularly visited the area around Koli National Park in eastern Finland, inspiring many landscape paintings. Several paintings feature studies of clouds and cloud-filled skies.

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By Adrian Murphy, Europeana Foundation

Feature image: Landscape from Koli, Eero Järnefelt, Finnish National Gallery, CC0

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