Month: February 2020

painting of a bustling street scene in a square

Åke Waldemar Larsson: the artist who depicted everyday life in Malmö

Swedish artist Åke Waldemar Larsson has created a huge number of artworks depicting day to day life in the city of Malmö, and the beauty, energy and rhythms of our working lives.

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woman and child looking out of circular window

Migration through the eyes of the Israel Museum

With the mass movements of the Jewish diaspora to Israel from Europe and beyond, familes brought their stories, trinkets, customs and photographs. This blog presents a selection of photographs from The Israel Museum that points to the stories of migration from Europe and other places.

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six figures wearing folk carnival costumes and wooden masks

Busó-walking of Mohács: the Hungarian carnival banishing winter

Hungary’s oldest and most famous carnival tradition – ‘Busó-walking’ in Mohács starts today, with around 1000 people taking part. Explore this custom and tradition in this blog.

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Who was Saint Valentine?

Valentine’s Day is celebrated on 14 February every year, when people show affection for others by sending flowers, cards or chocolates with messages of love. But who was Saint Valentine? Today we explore the myths and reality of this famous figure. Saint Valentine was a 3rd century Christian martyr, officially recognised by the Roman Catholic […]

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illustration of archive boxes with words Cork LGBT Archive

Exploring histories of Cork’s LGBT communities in the Cork LGBT Archive

The Cork LGBT Archive preserves and shares the rich history of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender communities in Cork, Ireland’s second city and largest county.

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collage image showing text 'Crowd Heritage Contribute to our culture!'

Join in with CrowdHeritage campaigns and contribute to culture

CrowdHeritage is an open platform available in three languages (English, French, Italian), where everybody – including you – can contribute to improve the information about cultural heritage institutions’ collections.

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Folk Greek bridal gowns: the evolution of Greek bridal couture

Bridal dresses in traditional Greek culture are colorful, rich and vary a lot, depending on the region, the climate, available sources for textiles, as well as local traditions. This blog looks at the symbolism of clothing and jewellery in traditional Greek bridal dresses.

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illustration portrait of a man

Pythagoras, mathematician and philosopher

Many of us know Pythagoras’ theory, but how many of us know the story of the man behind the theory? This blog looks at the biography of the philosopher and mathematician Pythagoras.

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