Åke Waldemar Larsson: the artist who depicted everyday life in Malmö

painting of a bustling street scene in a square

Day to day life happens around us – we often don’t stop to notice everyday moments: the beauty, energy and rhythms of our working lives.

This is truly not the case for Swedish artist Åke Waldemar Larsson who has created a huge number of artworks depicting day to day life in the city of Malmö.

Born in 1913, he studied at the Skånska painting school in Malmö. His artworks use many different techniques and materials: he drew with charcoal, pencil and wax, as well as painting with oils and gouache.

His artworks are true portraits of a place: showing the urban, everyday realism of life in a northern European city, its streets, buildings and the lives of its population.

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We’ve selected a few images here – showing shops, businesses, bustling city streets and portraits of people.

The artist, who died in 1995, left his entire collection of more than 2000 works to Malmö Museums, who were able to sell a portion to raise funds to care for the rest and share with the public – more than 1300 have been digitised and shared on Europeana.

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By Adrian Murphy, Europeana Foundation

Feature image: Oil painting, Gustav Adolfs Torg 4, Åke Waldemar Larsson, Malmö museer, CC BY-NC-ND

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