Month: April 2020

#MuseumJigsaw – puzzle over beautiful artworks

Have fun with our cultural heritage jigsaw puzzles and discover beautiful artworks when you complete them.

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Endpapers: beautiful patterns and illustrations inside book covers

Marbling techniques made endpapers beautiful and artistic, as well as a practical bookbinding tool.

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Born to be Forgotten – the story of Božidar Knežević

Read about Božidar Knežević, one of the most significant Serbian philosophers at the turn of the 20th century.

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Spot the Differences: 8 art puzzles to play

Test yourself with these 8 Spot the Difference puzzles from artworks and paintings.

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Star-crossed lovers in classic literature part 2

Two stories from classic literature of lovers separated by forces outside of their control.

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man using a large typing machine

What does it stand for? Understanding corporate abbreviations in Europe

The meaning behind the acronyms and abbreviations used to describe firms and organisations across Europe.

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postcard showing 4 black and white photographs of views of a town. The words 'Groeten uit Spijkenisse' are printed.

Take a virtual tour of Spijkennise, Duncan Laurence’s home town

Let’s explore Spijkennise – a small town in south Holland, home to Eurovision winner Duncan Laurence.

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Star-crossed lovers in classic literature: Depictions of historical relationships in times of social distancing

Today we bring you the first two of five stories of love made impossible by physical distance – stories of longing, heartache, and yearning in European literature and art.

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panaroma view of interior of a supermarket

Self-service: a short history of supermarkets

Supermarkets have been the main way we shop for groceries in Europe since the 1950s, giving us more freedom by allowing us customers to choose our products.

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screenshot of Zoom call with four people who have art backgrounds

Art Up Your Zoom: beautiful backgrounds for your conference calls

We’ve curated some great artworks to use as backgrounds in your Zoom conference calls.

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A lasting impression on museology and Egyptology: Richard Lepsius and the Neue Museum in Berlin

Richard Lepsius, a Prussian archaeologist, is seen as a pioneer of German Egyptology, for dispelling the idea that Ancient Egypt was a static unchanging culture.

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very wide skirt on a mannequin with floral details

Social distancing in cultural heritage GIFs

A humourous look at social distancing and other Coronavirus measures through cultural heritage GIFs

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