Easter with art & culture – 5 activities for the whole family

boy and girl play a game with Easter eggs

For many among us, Easter will be different this year. Hoping to bring you some cheer during social distancing, we have prepared some fun Easter activities. All can be done from the comfort of your home and enjoyed by the whole family. Happy Easter!

1. Spot 8 differences

See if you can spot the changes we’ve made to this Easter postcard from Spain.

illustration of two girls with bunnies and eggs
illustration of two girls with bunnies and eggs
Retrat d’estudi de dues nenes amb un carro amb flors i conills. Inscripció al revers: DTG Series 1611. 6. (47607),  Ajuntament de Girona, public domain

2. Match the names of the flowers with artworks depicting them

3. Give this #MuseumJigsaw a try

4. What about an Easter egg hunt?

How many eggs and chicks can you see in this painting?

painting with many people in a crowded market
Market Square, with Flagellation, Ecce Homo and Road to Calvary in the background, Joachim Beuckelaer, Rijksmuseum, public domain

5. Print these colouring pages and have a relaxing and creative moment

black and white illustration of decorated Easter eggs
pysanky from Chełmskie, The British Library, public domain 
black and white photo of eggs in a basket
Advertising card: Lasco did it, Wellcome Collection, CC BY

For even more Easter, take a look at this gallery of Easter egg traditions from across Europe or read about Easter traditions in our exhibition Celebrations in Europe.

We’d love to know what you think of these games and activities. Let us know in the comments. We wish you all a peaceful and healthy Easter.

By Aleksandra Strzelichowska, Europeana Foundation

Feature image: Trkanje, Knjižnica Mirana Jarca Novo mesto, CC BY-NC

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