Spot the Differences: 8 art puzzles to play

There’s a lot of pleasure to be found by closely looking at art. You can discover small details in paintings, added by the artist to show personality or symbolism.

In this blog, we give you even more reason to look closely at art from across Europe. We’ve made 8 Spot the Difference puzzles from artworks and paintings – see if you can spot 8 differences in each painting.

We suggest right-clicking to see the image larger in another tab and, if you need some help, you’ll find the results by clicking the link under each puzzle.

Finnish Wedding

Can you see the 8 differences in this wedding scene? The artwork is The Bride’s Song, Gunnar Berndtson, Finnish National Gallery, CCO

Happy family

There are 8 differences to find in this family party painting. The artwork is The Merry Family, Jan Havicksz Steen, Rijksmuseum, Public Domain.

Irish bridge

See if you can spot the 8 changes in this illustration of the Ha’penny Bridge, a well-know Dublin landmark. The artwork is The Ha’Penny Bridge Dublin, Samuel Frederick Brocas, National Library of Ireland, Public Domain

Venetian family

Can you find the 8 differences in this family portrait? The artwork is Portrait of a Venetian Family with a Manservant Serving Coffee, Pietro Longhi, Rijksmuseum, Public Domain.

Wedding party

Can you find the 8 changes in this painting? Wedding, Pietro Barucci, Slovak National Gallery, Public Domain

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Bountiful market

This painting of a market is full of details – we’ve made 8 changes, can you find them? The artwork is Fruit and Vegetable Market with a Young Fruit Seller, Jan van Kessel, Statens Museum for Kunst, CC0

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Take to the skies

Can you see the 8 changes in this fantastic balloon-filled illustration? The artwork is Sanatoir aérien du docteur Farceur, Druck u. Verlag von Adolph Friedlander, Bibliothèque nationale de France, No Copyright – Other Known Legal Restrictions

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Breakfast time

A lovely breakfast meal like this should be your reward if you can spot all 8 differences in this painting. It is: Breakfast Time, Hanna Hirsch-Pauli, NationalMuseum Sweden, Public Domain

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By Adrian Murphy, Europeana Foundation

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  1. Oprócz świetnej zabawy, dostaliśmy ciekawą galerię obrazów i linki do jeszcze ciekawszych galerii – dziękuję!!!

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