Month: September 2020

Animating culture – GIF IT UP is back and bigger than ever

This year we’re spending more of our lives online than ever before. The Internet is where we work, play and interact with others. Many of the reactions, comments, messages that we post contain GIFs – the short animations that compliment our conversations, convey reactions and let us quickly express ourselves. So what better time to […]

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Hands spelling out in sign language the words ‘The best lovers are good with their hands’, advertisement for safe sex by the British Deaf Association, Wellcome Collection, CC BY

Sign Languages – giving voice to the voiceless

There are over 200 different sign languages and dialects in the world! Read more about this ways of visual communication using hand gestures and other types of body language in this blog.

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black and white photograph of large group of people

Bulgarians, heroes! The first gymnastics societies in Bulgaria

The phrase Bulgarian, heroes! accompanies every sporting event that Bulgaria takes part in, and is well known to every proud Bulgarian.

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Rosh Hashanna: hoping for a sweet new year

When most people think of September, thoughts of crisp autumn days and children returning to school come to mind. However, for Jews around the world, the beginning of autumn is also the time of the Jewish New Year (or Rosh Hashanna in Hebrew) – this year celebrated from September 18-20.

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painting of a green landscape with town on horizon and bright blue sky

The Wachau: a cultural landscape in Austria

Extending 36 kilometres along the Danube, the Wachau is a landscape of stunning scenery.

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Hidden Treasures of Guadalquivir Valley: The Medieval Archaeological Heritage Of Eastern Andalusia

The medieval archaeological heritage of eastern Andalusia boasts a range of highly valuable artistic, historical and touristic movable and immovable goods.

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Los tesoros escondidos del Valle del Guadalquivir: el patrimonio arqueológico medieval de Andalucía Oriental

El patrimonio arqueológico medieval de Andalucía Oriental ofrece en el Alto Guadalquivir y en la provincia de Jaén (España) un repertorio de bienes muebles e inmuebles de alto valor artístico, histórico y turístico.

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exterior of a building with stained glass windows and sign saying Theater Tuschinski

Abraham Tuschinski’s cinema empire in Amsterdam and Rotterdam

Polish Jewish migrant Tuschinski established several cinemas in the Netherlands

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black and white photograph of naked man at easel painting another naked man

Einar Bager: the story of a Swedish artist behind a viral photograph

The story behind a viral photograph of Swedish artist Einar Bager painting naked

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illustration view of a city

Perspective Views in the baroque era: early versions of 3D virtual reality

Perspective panorama were popular in the 18th century, the forerunners of visual entertainment tools

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