Month: October 2020

Processing trauma on screen: the Polish Film School

Let’s take a peek on how social changes of the 20th century have been reflected on pellicule.

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Foreign findings: Italian archaeologists in the Dodecanese islands

Read about the prominent influence that Italian archeologists had in the local history and heritage of Dodecanese islands.

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Meet the Great Belzoni, the Italian Indiana Jones, and other Egyptology pioneers

Learn about the Italian Egyptology pioneers: Ippolito Rosellini, Giuseppe Angelelli, and the impressively named Giovanni Battista Belzoni.

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weather chart map of Europe

How’s the weather? Words across Europe to describe weather

Looking at words and phrases used in languages across Europe to describe weather

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brooch in green-ish metal with two large circular spirals

Highlights of the Hunt Museum: Irish and international archaeology collections

Archaeological highlights from The Hunt Museum’s collections of antiquities, fine and decorative art.

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colourful image showing town in background, behind a bay and a palm tree

Vintage Ibiza: Discover the ‘white island’ before tourism

Explore vintage photographs of the Spanish island, Ibiza from the early 20th century

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man wearing boxing gloves and helmet

Max Schmeling: the first German world heavyweight boxing champion

German boxer Max Schmeling was world heavyweight boxing champion of the world in the 1930s.

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colour photograph showing a stadium full of people

Rewards of the races: running and European athletes

Whether short or long distance, running has multiple incentives and rewards

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painting showing a young woman sitting at a piano

Jenny Lind: the Swedish Nightingale

Jenny Lind was a hugely talented Swedish opera singer who enjoyed worldwide fame and acclaim in the mid-19th century.

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collage of two photographs showing man and woman playing table tennis

Trude Pritzi & Richard Bergmann: table tennis world champions from Vienna

Austrian champion table tennis players who began their careers at that same Viennese table tennis centre

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