Hotel New York and Lloyd Hotel: migration stopovers between Europe and the Americas

If you ever visit the Netherlands, perhaps you’ll stay at the Lloyd Hotel in Amsterdam or Hotel New York in Rotterdam. These two hotels – still operational – played witness to decades of migration through the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

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Homes for tiny people: 18 beautiful doll’s houses

As a child in 1980s Britain, several books and TV shows captured my imagination with their little people and tiny houses. Bagpuss. Tottie – the Story of a Doll’s House. And my very favourite, The Borrowers. Imagine being so small, the whole world being so big. I imagined these people existed, under my floorboards, amongst […]

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The history of Amsterdam in paintings

Starting as a fishing village along the banks of the river Amstel in the 13th century, Amsterdam soon developed into an important commercial and cultural city in Europe. Its traditional founding dates back to 27 October 1275, when Count Floris of Holland granted inhabitants of Aemstelledamme (translated as “dam on the Amstel”) an exemption from […]

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