Black Cats Howling at Naked Witches

It’s unlucky Friday the 13th – everybody, stay at home!

It happens about twice a year, and when it does, you’d better lock yourself in the house and wait until dawn. Or anything could happen to you. Better safe than sorry.   To help, you could consult this 19th century astrology chart designed to help you work out lucky and unlucky periods. It looks pretty […]

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crowdheritage, strike a match for education

Three projects #MadewithEuropeana go crowdfunding. Help them grow!

In collaboration with crowdfunding platform Goteo, we recently launched a match funding call that offers 10,000 EUR to support projects using digital cultural content in secondary education. Three innovative projects were selected and started their crowdfunding campaigns on Their first round will run until 5 June. If the projects meet their minimum financial goal […]

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Sounds to celebrate Capricorn!

This is a guest post by Tom Miles from The British Library. This post appeared first on January 7, 2016 on Europeana Sounds blog. A happy new year to all of you. At Europeana Sounds we’ve just recently had another publication of metadata onto Europeana: we have now aggregated just shy of 200,000 records, very much on […]

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Five fascinating creatures now extinct

We all know that animals are becoming extinct all the time. But did you know that if you average everything out, new species come into being at about the same rate as old ones become extinct? It’s kind of like a one-in one-out policy at a nightclub. Well, that was the case until recently. Now, […]

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