From airport to artport: How changes in aviation policies introduced art to the airport

Brian Eno’s Music for Airports not only became a starting point for the ambient music genre, but was also at the vanguard of another trend: that of increasingly integrating art in the airport landscape.

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The Flying Dutchmen: 100 years of KLM

KLM Royal Dutch Airlines celebrates its 100th anniversary on 7 October. To honour this jubilees, this blog explores the cultural heritage of KLM found on Europeana. Come fly with us to discover stories and pictures from aviation history.

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The Battle to Cross the Atlantic

Next week, I will be crossing the Atlantic Ocean on my non-stop flight from Amsterdam to Philadelphia. A common occurrence I hear you say, however a little over a 100 years ago, people were literally dying in their attempts to fly this particular stretch of ‘the pond’. Map of the North Atlantic Ocean – 1867. […]

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