Europe’s First Printed Book

How do we know what Europe’s first printed book was? Until the 18th century this question was open to speculation.15th-century printed books usually have no title page and do not always give the printer’s name.

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Czech Republic: Alena Hanáková

Arti­cle by Alena Hanáková, Minister of Culture of the Czech Republic: Velislav’s Bible (Velislai biblia picta): Czech “comics” from the mid 14th Century If there is a media that suits the current time best then it is neither a book nor photograph or fine art, perhaps not a film either – but it is most likely […]

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The romantic symbolist art of William Blake

“The Imagination is not a state: it is the human existence itself” The British poet, painter and printmaker William Blake is considered by many as one of the greatest British artists ever. He was born on 28 November 1757 in London, during a period that neglected both him and his art. It was only years after […]

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