exterior of a building with stained glass windows and sign saying Theater Tuschinski

Abraham Tuschinski’s cinema empire in Amsterdam and Rotterdam

Polish Jewish migrant Tuschinski established several cinemas in the Netherlands

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Pola Negri: Woman of the World

In advance of the 15th annual Silent Movie Festival, Katarzyna Wajda from National Film Archive – Audiovisual Institute, introduces the cinematic life of Poland’s first film star: Pola Negri. Meet the extraordinary Pola Negri: Poland’s first film star and the only Pole to make her American dream come true in Hollywood, a true European equally at […]

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A Pioneer of Cinematic War Reporting: Dyordye Dyoka Bogdanović

When the Second Balkan War broke out 100 years ago in 1913, an ambitious entrepreneur from Serbia made a remarkable decision: Dyordye Dyoka Bogdanović sent two camera operators out to the theatres of war. Driven by strong patriotism, he first and foremost wanted to honour the Serbian armed forces by capturing their fighting using moving […]

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Europe’s many celebrities

With the recently added collections, you can now explore over 20 million items on Europeana. One of its new collections from Kulturpool gives you a glimpse of Europe’s many renowned celebrities. Just to name a few: Greta Garbo – a Swedish actress who was named the most beautiful woman by the Guinness World Records. Annabella […]

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Yves Montand, star of French cinema

Although Yves Montand is considered one of the stars of French cinema, he was born in Monsummano Terme, Italy, on 13 October 1921. That same year his family had to flee to France to escape from the fascist regime in Italy. They settled in Marseilles, where Montand discovered his passion for stage. In 1938, he […]

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