Czech Republic

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Prelude in Gothenburg, finale in Prague: the Swedish adventure of Bedřich Smetana

While Antonín Dvorák is sometime considered as the greatest composer ever to have lived in the Czech Republic, in the eyes of the Czechs only one man deserves that epithet: Bedřich Smetana.

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From the New World: Czech maestro Antonín Dvořák’s American music

Czech composer Antonín Dvořák brought his sensibility and musical genius from his homeland to the United States.

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Exploring Europeana in Czech, Irish, Slovak and Slovenian

Europeana Collections can now be navigated in 4 more languages: Czech, Irish, Slovak and Slovenian. This means that Europeana Collections can now be navigated in 27 languages – each of the 24 official languages of the EU as well as Catalan, Norwegian and Russian. To mark this, we’ve taken a look at some snapshots of collections to […]

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Freedom Express: Leg 3 – Slovakia & Czech Republic

The Freedom Express is a journey that follows 20 young Europeans as they discover the traces of 1989, an extraordinary year that transformed Europe. Twenty-five years on from the collapse of Communism in Europe, the participants of the study trip are visiting the key places of those revolutions and meeting the people that were involved. […]

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Czech Republic: Alena Hanáková

Arti­cle by Alena Hanáková, Minister of Culture of the Czech Republic: Velislav’s Bible (Velislai biblia picta): Czech “comics” from the mid 14th Century If there is a media that suits the current time best then it is neither a book nor photograph or fine art, perhaps not a film either – but it is most likely […]

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Now, brush your teeth!

New content on Europeana includes these charming advisory illustrations which warn people to get plenty of fresh air, brush their teeth and eat healthily to help ward off tuberculosis. These postcards are from the Východočeské muzeum v Pardubicích in the Czech Republic. They are the work of Czech painter Marie Fischerová Kvěchová, who now has […]

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