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New Feature: Image Lightbox Display

We have made an improvement to the Europeana portal with the addition of a lightbox display for images. This new feature significantly improves the experience for users when browsing images. Thanks to this update you can now view the larger version of a thumbnail image while on the same page. This feature is only applicable to […]

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New Feature: Cite on Wikipedia

Hot on the heels of last week’s launch of the map search and display, we have added another new feature to the Europeana portal – ‘Cite on Wikipedia’. Thanks to this update, it is now easier for Wikipedia editors to reference and link to Europeana items from Wikipedia articles.  When you use this new feature, your […]

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New Feature: Map Search and Display

“Where are the items from your search results located?” and “How many of them are near you?” – just a couple of the questions we can now answer thanks to one of the latest enhancements to the Europeana portal. The development department at Europeana have been working hard on a new interactive search and display […]

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