aerial view of a river in which timber logs are floating

Taming the rivers: log driving in Sweden and Finland

In the 19th century, the forest industry in northern Europe started to grow steadily. Log driving – a cheap and fast way to transport logs – was critical in meeting the growing demand throughout Europe for sawn wood and square-cut timber.

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The Harry Orvomaa collection of Jewish recordings

Each month, Europeana Music invites a guest curator to talk about a musical subject and highlight some of the material on Europeana Music. For the month of October, Pekka Gronow presents the Harry Orvomaa collection of Jewish recordings. Now retired, Pekka was one of the founders of the Finnish Institute for Recorded Sound and adjunct […]

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Finland: Paavo Arhinmäki

Arti­cle by Paavo Arhinmäki, Minister for Culture and Sport: In my childhood during the 80’s all the boys – no matter if they were sons of a bank manager or the mailman – we all had rubbery soccer cleats. These were cheap, but as they are made of rubber – quite uncomfortable. Then became the era […]

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Culture Capitals

Our intern Lauri Pouta­nen from Fin­land writes about culture capitals The vast dimensions of European culture cannot be captured with a quick glance. In fact the European Union (formerly the European Community) has since 1985 dedicated a calendar year to a European city or cities to promote Europe’s immense cultural assets. Previous European Capitals of Culture […]

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Midsummer Celebrations on Europeana

Our intern Lauri Poutanen from Finland writes about the Midsummer celebrations in Europe Midsummer (Swedish: Midsommar, Estonian: Jaanipäev, Finnish: Juhannus, Bulgarian: Enyovden, French: Fête de la Saint-Jean) started out as a pagan celebration related to summer solstice and fertility, but was then made a part of Christian traditions as Saint John’s day. In many countries, especially […]

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