mona lisa

Face substitution

Want to be a Mona Lisa? Morph your face into famous works of art

Leonardo da Vinci’s Mona Lisa is probably the world’s most recognisable work of art. It’s also one of the most copied and parodied paintings in history, often the subject of many of today’s internet’s memes. Now computer science has taken this one step further – you can now actually become the Mona Lisa. An experimental […]

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Preview Europeana’s New Portal

Last week, with the help of Mona Lisa and Maria Theresa, we got you guessing about the nature of the exciting announcement we promised you! A few of you tweeted and commented your predictions, and now it’s time to reveal all. So here it is: we’ve just launched a preview of our brand new portal […]

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black and white photograph of a museum

Happy Birthday to the Louvre

Musée du Louvre first opened its doors to the public on this day in 1793, hosting an exhibition of 537 paintings, the majority of the works being royal and confiscated church property. Before its birth as a museum, the Louvre was a royal palace for more than two centuries. Today the historic landmark in central […]

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