group of boys playing games

Child’s play: how Portuguese kids play traditional games

Traditional games have played a part of Portuguese children’s education for generations, a valuable part of cultural and social heritage.

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man standing by a stile looking sad

Laments and longing: folk music and emigration

Migration and music are intrinsically linked, mirroring the movement of people from place to place and country to country. This blog looks at how folk music has reflected migration, introducing examples from Ireland, Greece and Portugal.

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Portugal: Francisco José Viegas

Article by Francisco José Viegas,  Secretary of State for Culture: The Lusiads, by Luis de Camões, is the Portugal’s great epic poem and the best known Portuguese literary work of the Renaissance, first printed in 1572. Modeled after the classic Greek epic poems, The Lusiads is structured in 10 chants that celebrate Portugal’s History and the […]

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