Is there life on Mars?

Planet from “L’Espace céleste et la nature tropicale…”, The British Library, public domain Today, mankind is reaching further out into space than ever before through our unmanned probes and rovers. This is not a new ambition though – we have always looked outwards and wanted to understand what is there, above our heads, in space. […]

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How do you communicate earth’s cultural heritage to aliens?

Imagine a spaceship that is sent on an intergalactic mission. It is unmanned, but there is a little bit of room for an object that represents earth’s shared cultural heritage, in the event that the spaceship is found by an intelligent extra-terrestrial life form. What object would you include? This question is not actually hypothetical. […]

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Lift off: how humans have viewed space through the ages

4-10 October is  World Space Week. In this blog, we explore how the human race has viewed space through the ages – from medieval astronomical diagrams to modern cartoons. You can also watch the 1978 launch of space shuttle ‘Enterprise’ at Cape Canaveral and listen to Holst’s ‘Planets’ orchestral suite. If there’s one thing we […]

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