colourful image showing town in background, behind a bay and a palm tree

Vintage Ibiza: Discover the ‘white island’ before tourism

Explore vintage photographs of the Spanish island, Ibiza from the early 20th century

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Hidden Treasures of Guadalquivir Valley: The Medieval Archaeological Heritage Of Eastern Andalusia

The medieval archaeological heritage of eastern Andalusia boasts a range of highly valuable artistic, historical and touristic movable and immovable goods.

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Los tesoros escondidos del Valle del Guadalquivir: el patrimonio arqueológico medieval de Andalucía Oriental

El patrimonio arqueológico medieval de Andalucía Oriental ofrece en el Alto Guadalquivir y en la provincia de Jaén (España) un repertorio de bienes muebles e inmuebles de alto valor artístico, histórico y turístico.

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black and white photograph of exterior of a museum building

The Martorell Museum: the first public museum in Barcelona

Stemming from the collection of Francesc Martorell i Peña who died in 1878.

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Sustainability and Tourism

The impact of tourism, and the way forward towards environmental, social and economic harmony.

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man and woman sit on deckchairs at beach while a boy plays in the sand

Travelling for pleasure: a brief history of tourism

Tracing the development of tourism from the 17th century to the present-day.

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photograph of a vespa motorcycle

Vespa and Piaggio: icons of Italian industrial design

The Vespa scooter is an icon of Italian industry and design, a symbol of the 1950s. This blog looks at the industrial heritage behind the Vespa, which was produced by Piaggio company.

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large number of people working at benches in a factory

Fàbrica Gròber: the rise and fall of an industrial landmark in Girona

Fàbrica Gròber, a textile factory specialised in trimmings, buttons and haberdashery, is a landmark of Girona history, even today 40 years after it closed. This blog looks at the rich history of the factory which offered jobs and economic prosperity and modernised culture and society in its region.

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Legends of La Liga: Ferenc ‘Pancho’ Puskás and Hungarian footballers in El Clásico

Hungary reached the football World Cup final in 1954 and, although they didn’t win, its Hungarian national team of the 1950s became legendary. This is the story of Ferenc ‘Pancho’ Puskás and the ‘Golden Team’ generation which made its mark on Spanish football.

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A tale of Spanish migration and creating a home abroad

During the 1970s, Spanish gastarbeiders made up some 35,000 of the workforce in the Netherlands. We spoke to one such person who migrated, Balbino Cuervo, on his journey through Europe for love and work, and his story of creating a home and community away from his native Spain.  Born in Oviedo, Asturias in 1948, Balbino […]

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Lope de Vega – never short of a drama

Félix Arturo Lope de Vega y Carpio was born 25 November 1562 and died on 27 August 1635. He was a terrifically prolific writer and one of the best dramatists and lyric poets of the Spanish Golden Century of Baroque Literature. His plays are still being performed today. In his time, he penned some 3,000 […]

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Your World Poetry Day Poet: Federico Garcia Lorca

In our latest Facebook poll, in honour of World Poetry Day, you voted Spanish writer Federico García Lorca as your favourite poet. In second place was William Shakespeare and in joint third, Walt Whitman and Polish Nobel prize winner, Wisława Szymborska. Whilst at university, the drama society I was part of put on one of […]

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Spain: José Ignacio Wert

Article by José Ignacio Wert Ortega, Spain’s Minister of Education, Culture and Sport: Towards 776, a monk called Beatus, perhaps the abbot of the San Toribio Monastery in Liébana, wrote a book titled Commentaries on the Apocalypse, which enjoyed extraordinary success over five centuries. Thanks to his vast culture, Beato compiled in this text, as a summa, many other […]

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Pinterest Collaboration: Biblioteca de Catalunya

Back in March of this year we blogged about Pinterest and its potential for GLAMs (galleries, archives, and museums) – touching on how its visual bookmarking features can be utilised for digital curation. Pinterest’s mission is to “connect everyone in the world through the ‘things’ they find interesting” via a global platform of inspiration and idea sharing. Together with […]

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Man of Letters: Manuel José Quintana

Manuel José Quintana was a Spanish patriot and neoclassical poet born on April 11th 1772 in Madrid. He is one of the most important names in Spanish Literature during the transition from Enlightenment to Romanticism. Quitana  was at the forefront of liberal ideas in politics and advocated his ideologies through his work until his death in […]

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