colour photograph of the entrance to a stadium with the Olympic rings and flags flying

Lonkero: the Finnish long drinks invented for the 1952 Olympics

Lonkero is a type of drink invented for a sporting ocasion – the 1952 Olympic Games held in Helsinki.

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man wearing boxing gloves and helmet

Max Schmeling: the first German world heavyweight boxing champion

German boxer Max Schmeling was world heavyweight boxing champion of the world in the 1930s.

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colour photograph showing a stadium full of people

Rewards of the races: running and European athletes

Whether short or long distance, running has multiple incentives and rewards

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collage of two photographs showing man and woman playing table tennis

Trude Pritzi & Richard Bergmann: table tennis world champions from Vienna

Austrian champion table tennis players who began their careers at that same Viennese table tennis centre

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black and white photograph of large group of people

Bulgarians, heroes! The first gymnastics societies in Bulgaria

The phrase Bulgarian, heroes! accompanies every sporting event that Bulgaria takes part in, and is well known to every proud Bulgarian.

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Trekking through Europe: a history of hiking

Explore the history of hiking in Europe, from Wandervögel to Grand Randonnée

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group of boys playing games

Child’s play: how Portuguese kids play traditional games

Traditional games have played a part of Portuguese children’s education for generations, a valuable part of cultural and social heritage.

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group of people starting a swimming race

A Christmas swim: the Copa Nadal race in Barcelona

The Copa Nadal (Christmas Cup) is a Christmas Day swimming competition in which swimmers race 200 metres in the Old Port of Barcelona.

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Legends of La Liga: Ferenc ‘Pancho’ Puskás and Hungarian footballers in El Clásico

Hungary reached the football World Cup final in 1954 and, although they didn’t win, its Hungarian national team of the 1950s became legendary. This is the story of Ferenc ‘Pancho’ Puskás and the ‘Golden Team’ generation which made its mark on Spanish football.

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World Cup of Art

Welcome to the World Cup of Art! The matches are between the artworks related to countries playing in the FIFA World Cup, available on Europeana. And you can influence the score by voting for the artworks you like! The rest is the same as in football: exciting, diverse and unexpected.   All participating artworks:   […]

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8 moments from Olympic Games history

The 2016 Olympic Games came to a close last night in Rio de Janeiro with an energetic closing ceremony. 2016’s Games saw history being made – first gold medals for nations such as Puerto Rico, Singapore and Bahrain, new World and Olympic records set  as well as many personal achievements for the athletes. Our collections […]

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Warm up with some winter sports

It’s winter again – it’s cold outside, and the skies have turned dark and gray. Most mornings, you won’t even want to leave your cosy bed. That all changes, however, when you’re heading out to enjoy some winter sports. Here, we look at some old photographs of people ice skating, skiing and sledding – we hope they’ll […]

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Dancing on ice in an attic

It’s nearly time to bring out the skates. There’s a promising nip in the air, and although we have a long way to go before the canals and lakes are frozen over, you can always practice your moves at an ice rink. Image credit: Gemeentearchief Weert, CC-BY SA To inspire you, we found this curious […]

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‘Women, beware of bicycle face!’

It is hard to imagine that a little over a century ago, women were discouraged from riding their bicycles. In the late 19th century, medical professionals  made up a disease called ‘Bicycle Face’ to discourage women from cycling. The increasing availability of cycles brought women mobility and the independence to travel alone. This of course […]

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