aerial view of a river in which timber logs are floating

Taming the rivers: log driving in Sweden and Finland

In the 19th century, the forest industry in northern Europe started to grow steadily. Log driving – a cheap and fast way to transport logs – was critical in meeting the growing demand throughout Europe for sawn wood and square-cut timber.

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painting of man sitting at a piano with

Prelude in Gothenburg, finale in Prague: the Swedish adventure of Bedřich Smetana

While Antonín Dvorák is sometime considered as the greatest composer ever to have lived in the Czech Republic, in the eyes of the Czechs only one man deserves that epithet: Bedřich Smetana.

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Queen of Arts: Christina of Sweden’s Roman reign

Anyone who wanted to see the musical avant-garde at work around 1600 went south of the Alps. With figureheads such as Monteverdi, Peri and Caccini and their work in the new opera genre, Italy pioneered an innovative repertoire and ‘modern’ styles and became the mecca for musicians in the early days of the baroque era. […]

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The Ice Follies: how a Swedish family changed American entertainment history

This photograph shows Frank Otto Skeppstedt, his wife and four children stoically posing for a studio photographer. The formal portrait gives away nothing of their extraordinary family history. At the time this picture was taken, the Skeppstedts (now Shipstads) had settled at St. Paul, Minnesota, after having emigrated from Sweden.

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Pizza: a slice of migration history

Pizza – possibly one of the most popular, tasty and simple things you can have for dinner tonight. But behind its simplicity lies a much more complex history – this is the tale of the Margherita’s migration.

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It’s your world, explore it! Europeana stories now in Google’s Field Trip app

What did you discover today? Europeana can now help you find out about cool and unique places in Poland, Estonia and Sweden through Google’s Field Trip app. Google’s Field Trip (GFT) is a mobile app developed by Google’s Niantic Labs for iPhone, Android mobile devices and Google Glass. The app recognises your location and lets […]

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Maritime criminal stories and other peculiar tales

A fascinating register of Swedish shipwrecks is available in Europeana. This is the story of one of the ships named in the register – the S/S Energi.  By Göran Ekberg,  Curator – Archaeology Unit, Swedish National Maritime Museums. S/S Energi, unknown photographer, 1942, Swedish National Maritime Museum At the end of September 1950, a very […]

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Sweden: Joakim Stymne

Arti­cle by Joakim Stymne, State Secretary at the Ministry of Culture: This is a view of the Old Town in Stockholm, taken one winter day in 1900 by Swedish physician Carl Curman. I have chosen this image to represent the Swedish content in Europeana because it shows how user interest and demand can, and should, control prioritisation […]

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Midsummer Celebrations on Europeana

Our intern Lauri Poutanen from Finland writes about the Midsummer celebrations in Europe Midsummer (Swedish: Midsommar, Estonian: Jaanipäev, Finnish: Juhannus, Bulgarian: Enyovden, French: Fête de la Saint-Jean) started out as a pagan celebration related to summer solstice and fertility, but was then made a part of Christian traditions as Saint John’s day. In many countries, especially […]

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